“The overall goal of the Timber Claim Trust Fund is to provide social, economic and cultural benefits to all present and future generations of the Members of Ginoogaming First Nation, no matter where they live, and to help create a vibrant community so that any member who wishes to do so may live, work or retire on the Reserve”.

The Ginoogaming First Nation Timber Claim Trust was established in April of 2002, following negotiations and an agreement between Ginoogaming First Nation and the Government of Canada for compensation resulting from illegal taking of timber on Long Lake Reserve #77.

Board of Trustees

Michael Charles, Chairperson (Term Expires Apr. 25, 2025)

Marianne Echum, Vice-Chairperson (Term Expires July 27, 2024)

Maureen Echum, Trustee (Term Expires July 27, 2024)

Todd Mendowegan, Trustee (Term Expires Apr. 25, 2025)

Calvin Taylor, Trustee (Term Expires Apr. 25, 2026)

Etienne Esquega, Legal Trustee (Term Expires Apr. 25, 2024)

Bryan Hart, Professional Trustee (Term Expires Apr. 25, 2024)

For more information please contact:

Maryann Charles, General Manager

Priscilla Shaganash, Admin Assistant

PO Box 868  Longlac, Ontario  P0T 2A0

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  • Email: gfntct@bellnet.ca

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