Ginoogaming Aboriginal Head Start has been in operation since May 2000 and has been running very successfully since then. Ginoogaming Aboriginal Head Start is a non-profit organization and is licensed as a Nursery School by the Ministry of Education. We follow the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education which is through the Child Care and Early Years Act.


Ginoogaming Aboriginal Head Start is licensed for:

  • 6 – Infant Program (Under 18 months)
  • 10 – Toddler Program (18 months – 30 months)
  • 20 – Preschool Program (30 months up to 6 years)
  • 12 – Primary/Junior School Age (66 months up to 13 years)

30 children are currently enrolled in the centre.

At Ginoogaming Aboriginal Head Start we offer each child complete well balanced meals that feeds their minds as well as their bodies.  We also provide opportunities to taste traditionally prepared wild foods to connect with our culture and expand on each childs pallate.

We value that every child requires opportunity to engage in physical activity to keep their minds and body healthy both indoors and outdoors.  Staff strive to foster a safe environment and allow children to take risks in a safe hazard free environment.

Ginoogaming Aboriginal Head Start actively promotes the participation of the parents, other members of the family and community representation in pursuing positive changes in the child.  Progress gained in the improved quality of life for the child must be complimented by improvements to the entire family and supported by the community.  In order to facilitate progressive improvements we must provide for parental and family involvement in the experiences in all aspects of the program.  We value the relationships we build with parents and guardians.  We can best accommodate the childs individual needs by working alongside parents.  Regular communication is key via: e-mail, Facebook, parent board, letters home, and special events.  We will use every opportunity to get to know each family and child on a personal level.

We support families by working closely with community partners such as Dilico Infant Child Development Program, Speech therapists, occupational therapists, childrens oral health initiative, physiotherapists, healthy babies programs, anishnabek police services, social services etc.  We will continue to build our relationship with the local school to ensure smooth transitions into the local school boards.

Staff at Ginoogaming Aboriginal Head Start work closely together to ensure smooth transitions throughout the day.  Staff will take part in professional development opportunities and attend monthly staff meetings either during or after work hours.  Staff are encouraged to continue to work together to share ideas and plan activities together.  Staff will log and read the daily communication book to ensure that they are up to date on any changes, staff absences, happenings at the centre as well as any messages received from parents.  We understand the importance of communication and we strive to do it in a respectful way.

Our Program Statement will be reviewed and adjusted annually by staff in order to meet the best practices possible and to make improvements as our centre continues to grow.  The annual review will ensure that we are continuing to improve and meeting the needs of the families within our Centre.