Jordan’s Principle

March 22, 2024
To: Ginoogaming Parents/Caregivers/Guardians
From: Debbie Charles, Jordan’s Principle Coordinator
This is a follow up to let you know what I have learned in the last week involving the process of applying to Jordan’s Principle.
Jordan’s Principle is a reimbursement initiative that will reimburse your expenses upon approval. They do not provide you the finances on approvals.
If you are unable to make the purchase after approval, vendors are available who will take your approval email from Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) and provide you with the resources then submit to ISC for payment.
Submitting applications for resources and supports takes time.
1 Upon submission, applications are all reviewed by ISC.
          a) Make sure all supporting documentation are provided for the application (without supporting documents it could be denied.)
2 The applications are either approved or denied
3 If approved, we receive the approval email and next steps are:
          a) we can go through a vendor if applicable
          b) we can go through the band if applicable807-876-9547
4 If denied, a notification email and letter is provided. Denials can be appealed; you have 1 year from denial date to appeal.
Again, this is what we need from you to complete an application:
• Your information,
• The Child/Children info, date of birth, Registered or not, and what is needed
• Supporting documentation (support letters, referrals from professionals etc) (I can assist with this process)
• Quotes/estimated totals
Please feel free to contact me via email, telephone or in person visits and I can answer any questions you may have 😊