Henry Waboose

Band Governance Manager
Fern Charles

Finance Manager
Emmerae Charles

Admin Assistant/IRA
Debbie Charles

HR Manager
Maureen Echum

Finance Assistant/IRA
Denan Kuni

Director, Economic Development & Resources
Peter Rasevych

Major Special Projects Director
Leslie O'Nabigon


Jessie Waboose

Employment Community Coordinator
Phyllis Towegishig

Finance Assistant/Housing
Beverly Taylor

Band Office Custodian

Health Centre

Sheri Taylor

Health Director
Kelly Fortier

Community Health Representative
Lana Echum

DOT Worker
Teresa Perryman

Mental Health and Addictions Navigator
Priscilla Waboose

Referral Clerk
Cecil Mendowegan

Kevin Fisher Sr.

Medical Driver
Tammy Dube

Community Health Nurse
Terence Henderson

Medical Driver
Carol Marszowski

Victim Services Worker

Aboriginal Head Start

Shelley Franceschini

Registered Early Childhood Educator, Program Supervisor
Charla Charles

Family Outreach Worker
Maegan Fortier

Destiny Towegishig

Tanya McCraw

Teacher Assistant
Darlene Brizard

Margaret Winn

Samantha Echum-Legarde

Teacher Assistant

Training Centre

Elizabeth Ferris

Ontario Works Administrator
Simone Echum

Ontario Works Caseworker
Vanessa Legarde

Ontario Works Employment & Training
Savannah Neotapin

Malcolm Charles

Cultural Worker
Victor Chapais

Cultural Worker
Calvin Taylor SR

Lands & Resource Manager
Jason Chapais

Environmental Technician- GGM
Marianne Echum

Community Outreach Engagement Coordinator
Crystal Iserhoff

Implementation Coordinator-GGM
Eric Godard


Band Representative Services Building

Geraldine Taylor

Band Representative Services Manager
Holly Charles

Family Well Being Worker
Debbie Morris

Case Worker

Case Worker

Lisa Echum

Mental Health Counsellor
Dallas Fisher

Cultural Coordinator
Priscilla Fisher

Cultural Coordinator
Tamara Loney

Family Support Worker

Operation & Maintenance

Gene Mendowegan

Lead Maintenance
Conway Chapais

Operation & Maintenance Trainee
Basil Mendowegan

Housing and Maintenance
Tyrone Mendowegan

Housing and Maintenance
Graham Echum

Lead Maintenance Assistant