Community Communications Liaison Officer (CCLO)


Community Communications Liaison Officer (CCLO)


Ginoogaming First Nation (GFN) actively manages the land and water resources within their traditional homelands. Currently, there is an increase in the potential for mining activities in the region that could impact GFN’s Traditional Homelands and in response the increase of activity the position of Community Communications Liaison Officer (CCLO) has been created in GFN to understand and communicate the activity in the region and the potential impacts that activity may have on Ginoogaming First Nation and its members.

Ginoogaming First Nation is seeking an enthusiastic and committed individual to fill the role of Community Communications Liaison Officer. The successful candidate will be provided with the appropriate mentorship and guidance to be successful in this position.

The focus of this position will be the effective communication of mineral exploration and development activities occurring in GFN’s Traditional Homelands to GFN community members.

In the role of CCLO, the successful candidate will work in the capacity of liaison for GFN between the community and industry / government to effectively communicate the mineral exploration and development activities in the region. The CCLO will review all plan and permit applications received, attend appropriate/required meetings, training and workshops, and complete appropriate reporting as required.

The CCLO will report directly to GFN Chief and Council and an appointed representative from the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM). Guidance, training, project support and mentorship of the CCLO will be provided by appointed representative from the MNDM as outlined in the Ontario Transfer Payment Agreement.




The Community Communications Liaison Officer hired by GFN will continue to act as a liaison and coordinate communications and information sharing on behalf of GFN among leadership, the community members, mining industry proponents, and Ontario and federal government representatives. In particular the services that the CCLO will continue to provide to GFN include:

  • Sharing mineral and resource development related information from within and between GFN and other First Nation communities that are members of the Matawa Tribal Council, Industry and Government;
  • Functioning as a community liaison by bringing mineral and resource development related issues and information from GFN community members to its Chief and Council, and their technical staff;
  • Being a community reference/contact point for GFN, Matawa First Nations, Industry and Government, so as to support GFN and its Chief and Council in their participation in activities relating to or arising from mineral exploration and development in the Ring of Fire area including reviewing and providing feedback on Plans and Permits;
  • Ensuring Plan and Permit applications follow established internal community processes including meetings/discussions with relevant community groups and individuals;
  • In response to Plan and Permit applications, maintaining regular contact with the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM) Mineral Exploration and Development Consultant to ensure open lines of communication (e.g. Acknowledgement of receipt, update on community discussions, identify values) within established regulatory timelines;
  • Utilize services of Matawa’s Mineral Development Information Services Officer (MDISO) in the review of Plan and Permit applications including: researching specific projects and proponents, preparing summaries and briefing notes, understand and assess the potential impacts of proposed activities on the Community’s traditional homelands;
  • Liaising with GFN community members including Elders, women, youth, trappers, small business people, Band staff etc., to bring their interest and concerns forward to GFN’s Chief and Council regarding mineral development including newsletters and open houses;
  • Providing quarterly reports to GFN Chief and Council and MNDM as outlined in the Ontario Transfer Payment Agreement under the Project Timelines, regarding the Community Communications Liaison Officer’s progress and plans in implementing the foregoing activities, using the appropriate reporting template found in Appendix II of the Ontario Transfer Payment Agreement. Quarterly reporting will include;
    • Number of exploration plans received (list all plan numbers);
    • Number of exploration plans on which feedback was provided within the regulated 21-day period;
    • Number of exploration permits received (list all permit numbers);
    • Number of exploration permits on which feedback was provided within the regulated 30-day period;
    • Number of community meetings held pertaining to exploration plans and exploration permits;
    • Number of mineral exploration and development-related training opportunities attended;
    • Number of mineral exploration and development-related information sessions held within the community;
    • Number of industry proponents engaged with;
    • Number of meetings held with industry proponents.
  • Attending relevant training/conferences/workshops;
  • Attending meetings with Community Communications Liaison Officers from other communities; and
  • Coordinate education and outreach regarding Mineral Exploration and Development for community Members.




Applications for the Community Communications Liaison Officer is open only to members of Ginoogaming First Nation. The selected applicant must maintain strict confidentiality in performed the duties of Community Communications Liaison Officer.

Must have interest and knowledge of the following areas;

  • Interest in mineral exploration and development activities;
  • Understanding of First Nations environmental concerns and traditional values;
  • Understanding of potential economic and environmental effects of projects in Northern Ontario;
  • Knowledge of First Nations governments, native culture, traditions and lifestyles; and;
  • Interest in working with First Nations.

Must demonstrate the following skills:

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills;
  • Must be fluent with essential computer programs (Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Browser);
  • Must be self-motivated with the ability to work independently with minimal supervision;
  • Ability to speak and or understand Ojibway would be considered an asset;
  • Experience liaising with government and industry and a general understanding of the mineral exploration and mining industry would be considered an asset; and,
  • Must have a valid Ontario Driver’s License, and access to a vehicle for work use (travel reimbursed at a mileage rate).

Must demonstrate the following personal attributes:

  • Reliable
  • Enthusiastic
  • Punctual


Term: Full-time contract until March 31st, 2025, with possibility of extension

Location: Ginoogaming First Nation, Resource Centre, Longlac, Ontario

Salary: Negotiated based on experience

Please submit your resume to:


Denise Taylor, HR Manager

FAX:  807-876-2495

PO Box 89, Longlac, ON  P0T 2A0


Closing Date: Until Filled  Wage: TBD

Only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview

Qualified Ginoogaming First Nation members will be given priority