Introduction of Phase 2 on Satellite In-Person Fly-In Courts with Consultant Douglas Semple and NAN Legal

March 8, 2024

 Introduction of Phase 2 on Satellite In-Person Fly-In Courts with Consultant Douglas Semple and NAN Legal


Dear Chief and Councils,

Following the Letter of Introduction of Douglas Semple, dated November 10, 2023, we would like to formally inform you that NAN Legal will be working in partnership with Mr. Semple for Phase 2 of the Satellite In-Person Fly-In Courts consultations. NAN Legal received federal funding from Canada’s Department of Justice for engagement work up to March 31st, 2024. For Phase 2 of the 2021 pre-engagement planning, NAN Legal is requesting Chief and Councils approval for NAN Legal Teams and their Consultant to travel to your communities for the engagement work on the return of Satellite In-Person Courts.

The purpose of phase 2 is for NAN Legal to facilitate research, engagement and knowledge sharing with First Nations Leadership, Knowledge Keepers, Elders, Indigenous legal scholars, and justice professionals. This will cover the following:


  1. Immediately support addressing the urgent issues related to reopening of fly-in courts following COVID, and the court backlog.
  2. Immediately support addressing pre-existing systemic and infrastructure barriers that were highlighted, and amplified by the pandemic; and
  3. Develop a comprehensive road map of options for strategic and operational changes that better reflects a balance between the Canadian criminal justice system, and the Indigenous Legal System.


The deadline for this engagement work is quickly approaching, community visits are at the discretion of Chief and Council. If you and your community representatives are willing to participate, please send a response to Your participation and input on this study is valued and appreciated. If you wish to contact the Consultant, Douglas Semple can be reached at 807-472-3008 and


On behalf of the NAN Legal Board of Directors, we take the lead from your leadership and support.


Miigwetch, Sincerely,

Chantelle Johnson

Acting Executive Director

Nishnawbe-Aski Legal Services Corporation

CC: NAN Legal Board of Directors


10 questions to communities on Fly-In Courts

Questions to Communities and Others on Fly-In Courts


  1. What do you think about fly-in courts?


  1. Do you think the fly-in courts contribute to the well-being of the community?


  1. How does it contribute to the community?


  1. How can its function and service be improved?


  1. Do you believe the community can resolve their own conflicts?


  1. How should such a community conflict resolution process look like and work?


  1. Should the Ontario Justice system support community initiatives to resolve community conflicts?


  1. Do you believe the community can do this outside of the criminal code and legislations like those governing Child and Family Services?


  1. How do you see the function of the Police Service adjusted to support community owned conflicts resolution processes?


  1. Should the First Nations have their own incarceration program? One that is designed by the First Nations to include restoration and community re-integration of the perpetrators. The design of such a program would respect the victim and their right to enjoy life.