Student Support Officer

Student Support Officer

Job Summary:

Ginoogaming First Nation is currently seeking a person who is enthusiastic and motivated in supporting students achieve educational goals as well as to inspire those who may be faced with difficulties in doing so.

The Ginoogaming First Nation Student Support Officer (SSO) is responsible for serving as a liaison and advocate for Ginoogaming First Nation and its students while supporting the relationship between Ginoogaming First Nation and Superior-Greenstone District School Board (SGDSB). You may also be required to work closely with various social programs that are a part of Ginoogaming First Nation.

Purpose of the Position
The Ginoogaming First Nation Student Support Officer (SSO) is responsible for serving as a liaison and advocate for Ginoogaming First Nation and its students while supporting the relationship between Ginoogaming First Nation and Superior-Greenstone District School Board (SGDSB).

• Demonstrated initiative in meeting the needs of students outside the school environment
• Knowledge of First Nation education
• Knowledge of First Nation cultures and lifestyles
• Knowledge of legislation, regulations, policies and procedures for program development and implementation
• Knowledge of legislation, regulations, policies, and procedures for involving youth in community programs
• Knowledge of office administration and procedures

The SSO supports the academic, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of students as they move toward the successful completion of their secondary education and continue their pathways to work, training or post-secondary education programs. The SSO is responsible for liaising between Ginoogaming First Nation and its students and SGDSB, police services, community groups, organizations, and volunteer opportunities. The SSO supports students with various appointments and transportation to appointments and activities. The SSO will interact with the students’ parents/caregivers, Ginoogaming First Nation educational leadership, SGDSB educational leadership, SGDSB’s Indigenous Education Lead, and other parties in ensuring students are safe and their needs are met.


1. Ensure each Ginoogaming First Nation student’s well-being is supported holistically
• Supervise and monitor student’s attendance, academic progress, and behavior patterns
• Monitor the student’s physical, emotional, and developmental patterns
• Facilitate support for student’s academic, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs (e.g., help register for courses, help register for a hockey league, help find an Elder/Knowledge Keeper for cultural teachings, help set up dental appointment)
• Support and promote language and traditions practiced by the student’s home community
• Implement and plan student case conferences
• Facilitate relevant meetings (e.g., between student’s parents and SGDSB staff; between Ginoogaming First Nation education leadership and SGDSB leadership)
• Act as student’s primary contact for parents/guardians, and keep them up-to-date on academic progress, attendance, community involvement, extra-curricular activities, incidences, etc.
• Provide timely transportation to appointments, school, airport, and other as needed
• Calm students down in tense situations and contact appropriate supports and follow-up, including making/assisting with referrals
• Communicate with Ginoogaming First Nation students to determine their needs and interests and establish rapport
• Maintain communication with other colleagues (e.g., SGDSB’s Indigenous Education Lead, others with similar roles as SSO)
• Assist in emergency situations (e.g., missing student, intoxicated student, student in need of medical support)
• Participate in applicable training and professional development opportunities

2. Support activities for Ginoogaming First Nation students
• Collaborate with SGDSB’s staff to plan and support extra-curricular activities, including cultural activities
• Communicate with organizations representing youth to support the needs of Ginoogaming First Nation students
• Provide transportation to student activities as needed, including medical and legal appointments
• Encourage Ginoogaming First Nation students to participate in regional and territorial programs

3. Promote programs and local services
• Ensure the Ginoogaming First Nation students are aware of available activities (e.g., school-run, municipally run, youth organization-run)
• Ensure the Ginoogaming First Nation students are aware of available supports (e.g., tutoring, addictions, legal, health, financial)
• Participate in community relations campaigns to promote programs within the municipality to Ginoogaming First Nation students and vice versa
• Maintain positive working relationships with organizations such as police, ambulance, hospitals
• Maintain contacts with local, regional and territorial organizations for youth
• Monitor the use of equipment and facilities

4. Administrative
• Respond to phone calls or texts in a timely manner
• Provide reports (e.g., academic progress, attendance, student incidences, incidences with service providers) as required
• Ensure all programs and activities are implemented according to relevant education legislation, policies, and procedures

5. Other Responsibilities
◦ Model and promote healthy living and healthy/safe choices
◦ Perform other duties as required by Chief and Council

The incumbent must have proficient skills in the following areas:

• Ability to administer student programs
• Team building skills
• Analyzing and problem-solving skills
• Excellent decision-making skills
• Effective negotiation and mediation skills
• Excellent stress and time management skills
• Excellent written, verbal, interpersonal, presentation, and analytical skills
• A valid Ontario Driver’s License

Personal Attributes
The incumbent must maintain strict confidentiality in performing the duties of SSO. The incumbent must also demonstrate the following personal attributes:

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• An ability to adjust to changes
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively with parents, students, co-workers, and administrators
• Be honest and trustworthy and respectful
• Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity
• Demonstrate sound work ethics

• Minimum College diploma, ongoing or complete, in any of the following areas: Community Services (Child & Youth Worker; Recreation & Leisure; Social Service Worker; Education); or equivalent community work experience
• Aboriginal specific programs (community advocacy, education, family and child services); Aboriginal Studies, studies in teaching and education
• Suggested skills: workshop and/or other facilitation experience, experience working with children and youth in leadership capacity, community development experience, non-violent crisis intervention, crisis management

Working Conditions

Physical Demands
The SSO may have to travel throughout the community and/or to other communities in all weather. They may have to lift, carry and manage equipment and supplies. They may have to work odd or long hours at a time to complete special requests or projects. The SSO may have to spend long hours sitting and using office equipment, computers and attending meetings.

Environmental Conditions
The education environment may be a busy place. The SSO may have to manage several people and projects at one time, and they may be interrupted frequently to meet the needs and requests of students, parents and others. The SSO may find the environment to be busy, noisy and will need excellent organizational and time and stress management skills to complete the required tasks.

Sensory Demands
Sensory demands can include reading and use of the computer, which may cause eye strain and occasional headaches. The education environment may be noisy and busy making it difficult for the SSO to concentrate.

Mental Demands
The SSO may have to manage a number of requests at one time. They must be aware of Ginoogaming First Nation business and any and all relevant legislation, policies and procedures. They may have to complete a number of tasks and responsibilities at one time and must be prepared to deal with emergencies and stressful situations at any time.

• Criminal Record check
• A valid Ontario Driver’s License
• Must be sensitive to the needs of the students

Please submit your resume to:

Debbie Charles, HR Manager
FAX: 807-876-2495
PO Box 89, Longlac, ON P0T 2A0

Closing Date: Until Filled
Wage: To commensurate with experience
Only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview
Complete Covid Vaccination required