Mackett Project

Traditional mapping, what is it? Nishanawbe Aski Nation and the Province of Ontario have a new initiative. In order to protect our tradition lands, our community with the help from our elders and other Ginoogaming First Nation (GFN) members will need to produce a map that portray all of GFN’s cultural values, wildlife, sacred and sensitive areas. With the help of these maps it will certainly help protect and assist future and existing economic development in the area. Currently, GFN is working towards a traditional knowledge collection project, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that David L Mackett of Negahneewin College, GFN members and Rocky Shore Development Corporation (RSDC) will be conducting. As of today, David Charles Jr. and Elzear Taylor have started documenting sensitive areas on our traditional grounds and RSDC will take part in (2) two day training to build our GIS awareness, knowledge and capacity and enable our knowledge to be documented and managed at the community level. This task remains uncompleted for the time being.

Ginoogaming is expected to work with Premier Gold Mines. They have been in the Greenstone area and we have started preliminary contact with the company.