Gamblin Project

Ginoogaming First Nation band was established in 1906 by the Lands Commissioner from Ottawa. In 1910 a survey was conducted in accordance with the provisions of the James Bay Treaty No. 9 by James Dobie. It was determined that Long Lake Reserve No. 77 had been allocated 27km2 of land in the Province of Ontario. In 1972, community members David Charles Jr. and Dominic Chapais with the help of an appointed official from Indian and Northern affairs Canada (INAC) did cut boundary line 6 feet wide from the southwest post-southeast post-northeast post-northwest post. Because of growth the boundary line has become hard to detect. It was discovered a few years ago that there was some harvesting in and around Ginoogaming’s 27 km2 of land and other encroachment. It was determined by Chief and Council that the boundary line should be cut again to provide an indicator for potential encroachment. We are in the process of getting this job done but because of budget restraints, weather and other unanticipated factors we have approximately 1/3 completed.