Kenogami Forest Planning

In the 1994 Crown Forest Sustainability Act (CFSA) states; the province has a duty to consult with the public and First Nations about forest operations on crown land. During this process First Nations have several opportunities to voice their concerns. Forest Management Planning (FMP) are 10 year planning cycles that is very important for First Nations to comment on forest operations that will affect the lakes, rivers and forests that we use.

It is important to know:
Who is involved – MNR, BFPL, LWI, Hunting and Fishing Resorts and First Nations Communities


What is important – our Values maps (wildlife, traditional fishing and hunting grounds, sensitive areas of interest, etc.), what forest benefits the plan should strive to provide

Where – the Kenogami Forest where harvesting, planting and tendering will take place, where access roads be constructed

When – attending meetings once a month and have attended 4 meetings on behalf of Ginoogaming First Nation, it’s a 10 year of FMP and a 2 year commitment

Why – it’s very important to take this opportunity to have a voice at these tables and to discuss what is happening around us.