Wind Farm Project

Ginoogaming First Nation is ready to embark on a $22M major project known as the Wind Power Project or in the native language, the Nodin Project. To this end, Ginoogaming First Nation has assigned this task to its corporate entity, Rocky Shore Development Corporation.

RSDC is confirming that the arrangement is completed through a GFN Band Council Resolutions and the corporation’s Resolution. A 12-page proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Geilectric Inc. has also been completed. The papers are in the hands of the developer, Geilectric Inc., of Montreal, Quebec. Finalization of the initial papers are taking place now. A Budget Proposal is submitted that will involve several local and out-of-town meetings, principally with Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, the Environmental people, and not to mention at least four (4) community meetings. We are also incurring legal fees and will be involved in the installation of the Wind Monitoring Equipment. Looking ahead and on the anticipated success of this project, and moving onto Phase II and III that leads to the construction and actual production of electricity that will be sold to the Ontario Hydro grid, we expect to receive anywhere from $0.9M to $1.2M annually. Ginoogaming expects no capital costs, yet the share in the Limited Partnership arrangement is pegged at 40%. The success of the project can lead to the installation of additional wind turbines with mounting revenue to the community. Wind farms as they are known, have a habit of adding more turbines, and favourable sites with over than 100 turbines are common. Ginoogaming is on the right path for favourable wind currents, with turbines to be located about 150 metres off Long Lake at approximately 4km. on the LT road from the PowWow grounds. As the wind blows, this is the most favourable spot as further down at approximately 7km., the wind currents are less than favourable Furthermore, the project will also provide a new Ginoogaming (steel and double laned) bridge at no cost to Ginoogaming. Finally, the misery of travelling to and from Longlac town by ourselves, visitors and patrons on the dilapidated, dangerous bridge (include poor roads) will be a thing of the past. Installation of hydro poles from the project site to the Pow-Wow grounds and passing by Ginoogaming reserve to Longlac town will be an added feature for connection to the Ontario Hydro sub-station located just west of Longlac on highway 11. Ginoogaming will benefit from the pole lines and supply of power to the roads including the Pow-Wow grounds that we later expect to construct houses and powered camp sites, etc. In addition, Ginoogaming will secure training, employment, both short-term and long-term for a 20-year period and beyond. The MOU lists educational scholarships to the Ginoogaming students which will be a further incentive to pursue education and stay-in-school.

But first, before any of this can happen, we must enter and satisfactorily complete Phase 1. To complete this initial phase, we are requesting $42,000 from the Ginoogaming Timber Claim Trust. This has since been received and work is expected to start November 2008.