Buchanan Forest Products

At the present time everyone is aware that due to the economy our sawmill employees have had to endure a very fragile work environment. Never knowing when there will be more layoffs. This coming week the sawmill will have only 6 workers providing only clean up and maintenance to the sawmill. The Planer also operates on a weekly schedule which changes from time to time. All employees have been doing their best to accommodate the demands of the mill management, some working 2 or 3 positions simultaneously in order to keep the mill operating and themselves working.

Mill employees almost unanimously voted “Not in Favour” of the Contract that was offered to them. This Contract was to cover a 5 yr term, for various reasons the mill employees determined that the offer was not in their best interests. To date no other offer or changes have been made to the original offer. On October 16th another LLEA meeting was held, this time the only item on the Agenda being whether or not to accept or reject a particular request that LLFP Management was making of the employees. The Buchanen Partners were asking the LLFP employees to vote in favour of all employees waiting until August 2009 before anyone could request their termination or severance pay. For every employee this meant something different, some are not even entitled to any of this since you must be employed for at least 3 yrs before you qualify for it. For others who are collecting EI, any monies they receive as a result of a layoff are subject to deductions to Revenue Canada for the amount of EI you collect. Once you receive your severance and termination you also have no “recall rights”, LLFP never has to employ you again. The Buchanen Partners assured the Employees that by agreeing to this request they put their Mill at an advantage over other Sawmills in terms of which sawmill to re-open when the economy permits the full time operation of a Mill.Employees voted in favour of “NOT” requesting their termination or severance pay until August 2009, at which time the Management is hopeful the sawmill can at least be back to 2 FT shifts.