Making Ground River Road and Bridge

The Making Ground River Crossing is a bridge and roadway replacement project. This project is designed to reduce congestion and improve safety issues. The bridge is in such advanced state of deterioation that a complete replacement is required. The replacement is to consist of a new two-lane bridge complete with a pedestrain sidewalk. In addition to addressing the bridge, the roadway will need to be raised and constructed on the north and south approaches due to the Navigable Waters Bridges Regulation. Due to extreme weather conditions roadway users struggle to get to and from the community and at times becomes impossible to maneuver. The safety and health of Ginoogaming First Nation band members are at risk as well as other road users from the industrial, commercial and private sectors. Finally after 12 years of searching for funds, GFN and RSDC have identified working partners MNR, INAC, MNDM, and BFPL to help get this project started. Representatives from each group have held numerous meetings to date to discuss its position and will work together. Genevieve Knauff, Guylene Levesque and RSDC staffing have gone ahead with its proposals to the First Nation Infrastructure Fund and Northern Ontario Heritage Fund. With good fortune the replacement project will be awarded funding after years of research, feasibility studies, commitments Ginoogaming will soon be utilizing a new two lane bridge.


A project of this nature will require time; we can expect a timeframe of a year and 6 months which would provide the community with a resilient Making Ground River Bridge and Roadway most importantly employment for the duration of the project for our GFN members. Based on funding approvals and receipt, it is expected the project could start as early as spring 2010.