Youth Program

There are over 60 Youth on-reserve between the ages of 14-29 years of age. There are currently 16 Youth enrolled in Nimki Migizi High school. This years summer placement was at an all time high according to Ginoogaming First Nations employment records. More than 40% of our Youth or currently employed by Ginoogaming First Nation Band. The Ginoogaming First Nation Youth were approved for $ 6,500.00 from the Timber Claim Trustas of March 31, 2008. Approved funding went towards supplies and programs activities. In addition there was a donation of two computers for the Youth. Back in March of this year The Ginoogaming First Nation Youth were given an existing building formally known as The Training Centre to Develop into a Youth Centre. Over the past months minor renovations have been made. New and donated furniture from the community was given to the Youth Centre for a great head start. Unfortunately due to structure damage over the many years it has been a major setback and most importantly unsafe.
Youth Council Development A Youth Consultant was hired in July 2008 to assist Youth Worker to develop certain policies and procedures, in order to meet the needs of the Youth of Ginoogaming First Nation. Youth meetings were held to go over Youth Council Development tool kit provided from Nishnawbe-Aski Nation. The main objective of having a Youth Council is so that the Youth of Ginoogaming First Nation would have a unified voice with in our community.

Benefits of a Youth Council
  1. Learn how to work with other young people,
  2. Build strong and lasting friendships,
  3. Develop greater self-esteem and self-confidence,
  4. Develop communication skills,
  5. Develop organizational skills,
  6. Gain self-worth and inner-strength to battle negative peer pressure,
  7. Develop winning attitudes,
  8. Learn how to take responsibility for their actions,
  9. Contribute to making a difference in their community.

2009 Excursions

  1. The Seven Sacred Teaching Conference in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
  2. The 5th Annual Youth Symposium on The Environment in Timmins, Ontario.
  3. A Memorial visit to Aroland First Nation Cemetery
  4. Caramat Fish Derby/Baseball Tournament.
  5. Fort William First Nation Youth Rally, Thunder Bay, Ontario.
  6. Teaching of our Elders “Giving back to our Youth Gathering”, in Constance Lake First Nation, Ontario.
  7. Dilico Girls Camp, East Loon Lake, Ontario. Dilico Boys Camp, East Loon Lake, Ontario

Our future looks bright as community involvement is at an all time high Parental involvement shows no sign of slowing down. Youth are seeking more and more positive influences. Community members are showing a more positive role model.

Furthermore, we together are committed in following with the vision of the Ginoogaming First Nation Chief & Council and following the words of our Chief in her address at the 2008 Annual Powwow, that our Youth are the most important and we will work together in building a strong positive atmosphere for our Youth to grow and be healthy for the future of both Ginoogaming First Nation and the Anishnawbe Nation.