Aboriginal Head-Start
head start


Ginoogaming Aboriginal Head Start has been in operation since May 2000. Our Head Start has been running very successfully since then and I would like to give a big thank you to Sheri Taylor who was the AHS Director. Ginoogaming Aboriginal Head Start is a non-profit organization and is licensed as a Nursery School by the Ministry of Community and Social Services. We follow the guidelines set by the Ministry of Community and Social Services which is through the Day Nurseries Act.


Our Vision: Aboriginal Head Start strives to build a strong, healthy foundation for our children and families. We will endeavor to teach our children respect for themselves, others and be proud of their culture and traditions as Anishinabe people. We will provide opportunities for our children to build their self-esteem, self-confidence, and school readiness skills.

Our Mission: The Ginoogaming Aboriginal Head Start Program will use the resources to encourage self sufficiency by working with community members to achieve a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. We will rely on our culture and spiritual identity to help guide us in the right direction to provide a safe and secure environment for all to love, work and play. Head Start also follows the six components which consist of: Culture and Language, Education and school readiness, Health promotion, Nutrition, Social support, Parent and Family Involvement.

Aboriginal Head Start is licensed for:

6 – Infant Program (6 mths-18 mths)
10 – Toddler Program (18 mths-30 mths)
16 – Preschool Program (2 ½ yrs – 4 yrs)
20 – Junior Kindergarten (4 yrs – 6 yrs)
15 – School Age Program (6 yrs-12 yrs)
67: in total for our centre.

Now that the school year has begun we have the privilege of taking on the Junior Kindergarten program, which is a full day program. If you would like to enroll your child at Head Start we have enrolment packages at our centre and you can either pick one up or our Family Support Worker will be happy to assist you with filing this application through either a home visit or at our centre.

There will be an Exchange program, through Aboriginal Head Start On Reserve Exchange program. This is when three people come from another Head Start comes to take part with our Head Start. We have the pleasure of having three people from Morris Town, British Columbia take part here on Ginoogaming. Three of our staff will be then going to British Columbia to take part in their Head Start. This will take place sometime in November. We are in the process of setting up the Parent Advisory Board. The Parent Advisory Board consist of three Head Start parents, one teacher and an elder, and must be a Ginoogaming member and a resident of the First Nation.

We would like for all of those interested in taking part with this board to come out when we have another meeting. A notice will be sent out with our children who attend Head Start and to the community. We are currently fundraising for Christmas gifts for our children at Head Start. Right now we are doing 50/50 draws every Thursday at the bingo. We give a big thank you to Cassie Echum as she volunteered her time to assist with these draws. We also encourage any other parents who would like volunteer to contact Kelly our Family Support Worker if they would like to help with the 50/50 or if you have any other suggestions on how to fundraise for this event.