Cultural Impact Assessment

Premier Gold Mines Limited has proposed initiating advanced mine exploration activities at the Hardrock Project site (former MacLeod-Mosher mine) located within the traditional territory of GFN.

Advanced exploration activities will involved de-watering the former mine shaft (13,000 cubic metres per day) into a settling pond, treating the water to within Ontario’s PWQO, and then discharging the water into Kenogamisis Lake.

While GFN understands the potential employment and training opportunities that mining activities at the Hardrock site will bring, the community is concerned about the potential impacts that the proposed activities may have on the environment and their traditional land uses.

As such, GFN would like to have a comprehensive CIA study for the Hardrock Project. This study will provide the community with the knowledge required to make an informed decision regarding support of this project.

GFN has identified the following three main objectives for this study:

1) For community members to understand the impacts arising from the advanced exploration activities, and to ensure that GFN has made an informed decision and was able to weigh all of the risks;

2) To focus the study on the relationship between cultural values and cultural impacts. GFN will weigh the potential effects, risks, gains, mitigation effectiveness, and compensation with community involvement;

3) GFN will lead and direct project opportunities by being actively involved in decisions of support or non-support.

The ultimate goal of this study is to identify and protect GFN traditional lands and territories by ensuring that the lands and waters are protected for future generations, and by enabling Elders to provide direction for and inspire our youth.

In conjunction with the CIA study and the initiation of advanced exploration activities, an Environmental Monitor (Peter Rasevych, GFN band member) will conduct environmental monitoring activities at the Hardrock Project site. This monitor will also act as the Community Coordinator for the CIA.

Assistant CCEM’s include the following GFN band members: 1) Justin Mendowegan; 2) Denny Michano; 3) Troy Echum