GFN Timber Claim Trust – Annual Meeting – May 6


Longlac Lumber Weekly Schedule Feb 10

For the GFN Longlac Lumber Weekly Schedule Click Here:




Current Board of Trustees

Name:                                                                                                                  Term Expires:

Martha Taylor, Chairperson                                                                       April 25, 2019

Georgette O’Nabigon, Vice-Chairperson                                              April 25, 2019

Marianne Echum, Trustee                                                                           April 25, 2018

Shelley Wesley, Trustee                                                                              April 25, 2018

Calvin Taylor, Trustee                                                                                    April 25, 2017

Etienne Esquega, Legal Trustee                                                                April 25, 2017

Bryan Hart, Professional Trustee                                                              April 25, 2017


AUG 5 – 2016: We will be going on a day trip on Saturday August 13th, 2016

Bus Info:

The bus will be leaving the band office at 7:00 a.m. sharp and will be departing from the C.L.E. at 7:00 p.m. sharp.

Buses will be parked at the back entrance on Northern Avenue.
It is important that you arrive before the buses set times to leave because the drivers are on a schedule.

If you are taking the bus, please call and inform us by Wednesday August 10th, 2016. We do have a list from last year but we still need to know if you are taking the bus.

Bracelet Info:

Ages 2 to 15 years old will be receiving a bracelet along with an entry. One entry for adult as well for the parent.

Bracelets/Entries will be handed out at the gate on Northern Ave. by:

Lana Echum
Martha Taylor
Cindy Wesley

This is for Thunder Bay Residents as well.

We will be at the gate from 11:00 a.m. til 1:00 p.m. only on Saturday August 13th.
If we are not there and you are late, we will be inside the C.L.E. grounds.

For any members travelling on their own who would like to pick up their advance tickets can pick them up at the band office Thursday August 11, 2016.



LLI – Sawmill List


Sawmill Positions

Lead Hand: Alen Fortier
Debarker Operator: Duncan Mazinakouskang
Debarker Operator: Wilfrid G. Labelle
Log Decks: Donald Gagnon
Chip-N-Saw Operator: Leonard Mendowegan
DDM6 Operator: David Muckaday
Trimmer Operator: Frank Taylor
Utility/Trimmer/Cleanup: Devin Legarde (C)
Sorter/Bins: Jethro Shapwaykeesic
Stacker Operator: Kenny Taylor
Stickers/Utility: Johnathan Echum (C)
Stickers/Utility: Justin Mendowegan
Stacker Utility: Jason Chapais
Reman/Chipper Operator: Emile Taylor
Cleanup (7:00 am-3:30 pm): Curtis Towegishig
Cleanup (9:00 am-5:30 pm): Faring Shaganash
Landing Table: Benjamin Bedwash (C)

Planer Positions

Lead Hand: Albert Fortier
Planer Setter: Frank Legarde
Planer Setter: Todd Mendowegan
Hoist : Michael Poulin
Grader: Owen O’Nabigon
Grader: Lawrence Legarde
Grader: Craig McCraw
Grader: John O’Nabigon Jr
Grader Training: Rachel Ranville (C)
Lumber Puller: Michael Deperry (C)
Lumber Puller: Tyler O’Nabigon (C)
Stacker: Servina Gorst
Strapper: Estelle Taylor (C)
Stickers: Tina Baxter (C)
Sticker Machine: Agnes Debbie Shaganash (C)
Sticker Machine Helper: Amy Mendowegan (C)
Utility: Ambrose Legarde
2nd Utility (9:00 am-5:30 pm): Gene Mendowegan

Yard Positions

Lead Hand: Dennis Muckaday Sr
Log Loader (980): Alfie Waboose
Log Loader (980): Patrick Spence
Log Loader (980): Frank Desmoulin
Chip Loader: John Wesley
Forklift: Steven Muckaday
Forklift: Wayne O’Nabigon
Forklift: James Nabigon
Forklift: Conrad Gillis
Forklift: Debbie Wesley
Forklift Training:
Carpenter: Mervin Legarde

Maintenance Positions

Saw Filer: David Towegishig
Saw Filer: Lorraine Amikons
Saw Filer: Abraham Nayanookeesic
Saw Filer Training: Estelle Taylor (C)
Millwright: Jacques Nadeau
Millwright: Mario Lacroix
Millwright: Danny Deroy
Millwright: Serge Lemieux
Millwright Helper: Colin Dore
Greaser: Jesse Krieger
Electrician: Graham Echum

Security/Car Blocker:
Wayne Wesley
Krista Taylor
Isaiah Bolduc (C)
Car Blocker: Mason O’Nabigon (C)

Call-In List

Devin Legarde
Tyler O’Nabigon
Darrell Wesley
Isaiah Bolduc
Brad Graveline
Mason O’Nabigon
Rachel Ranville
Sharon Mendowegan
Agnes Debbie Shaganash
Estelle Taylor
Nathan Towegishig
Marcus Mendowegan
Amy Mendowegan
Tina Baxter
Vashti Legarde
Michael Deperry
Bernadine Mendowegan
Thomas Gallerno
Jessie Waboose
Benjamin Bedwash
Johnathan Echum
Pernell Chapais
Aaron Abraham

Off List

Kristi Shaganash
Sherry Mendowegan
Raymond Shebagabow
Alexis Mendowegan
Ernie Taylor


Attention Ontario Works Clients

June 30th Attention. WELFARE CLIENTS. IT IS BEING HANDED OUT NOW. Please report the Ontario Works / Social Assistance office for your monthly payment.

 Historical Agreement

June 24 – in November of 1993, Ginoogaming First Nation signed a historical agreement with Long Lake Forest Products that was the first in the Canada. Some of the legendary Ginoogaming First Nation Chief and Council leaders who forged the 1993 Partnership Agreement with Buchanan (Long Lake) Forest Products photo below.  This later became a major economic initiative with Ginoogaming being the human resource department for the mill with the hiring of employees and other business opportunities.  On June 23rd the community held a meeting at the Longlac Lumber Inc facility to discuss the current status of the sawmill.  See presentation here.


David Charles Sr.  Traditional Teachings 

You can visit the Ginoogaming First Nation Facebook page for regular updates.  Today we posted some videos of elder David Charles Seniro.  See here:

 Attention Summer Students

June 20:  Any students wanting to work for Ginoogaming this year should be bringing in their transcripts for proof of attendance and credit achievement. Priority will be given to students who attended the full school year for 2015-2016. You should also bring in a resume. If you do not have one, our new Employment Community Co-Ordinator, Angelia Fisher (Gia Waboose) can assist you in developing one. Please bring the above documents into Angelia Fisher or Laureen Kahgee before June 28th, 2016.


Picky Eaters Workshop!

Picky Eaters workshop with Shannon Tucker from Norwest Health Centre on June 22, 2016 @ 1:30pm @ the Ginoogaming Health Centre 😉 for parents with children Ages 1 to 6 years old.


Come Celebrate Aboriginal Day on June 21



Longlac Sawmill – Meeting – June 21

 mill meeting

Job Posting – General Manager – Timber Claim Trust

June 8, 2016:  Ginoogaming First Nation Timber Claim Trust has a job opening for a general manager.  The deadline to apply is June 22, 2016.

Please click below for full job posting:

Job Posting GM – 2016

 GFN – Hornepayne Meeting – TLE


The Ginoogaming First Nation Chief and Council will be attending the Hornepayne Legion in order to provide a presentation on the GFN Treaty Land Entitlement process.

This event will include a lunch, and will be open to Ginoogaming First Nation band members.



TIME: 12:00-1:00 PM (LUNCH)


Miikwech. Please share this notice with Ginoogaming First Nation band members.



GFN Monster Bingo Update

May 26, 2016: Ginoogaming First Nation MONSTER BINGO dated for May 28, 2016 will commence as scheduled. After conversing with the Band Manager Ernest Waboose and Henry Waboose they are in support of the bingo to commence as planned prior to their mother Jean Waboose passing. We also would like to concure with the notice posted on Cindy Wesley wall and sympathize with our long time Bingo Manager Shelley Wesley with her big loss of her mother.
I hope this clears posting done by Cindy Wesley on behalf of the Ginoogaming First Nation Chief and Council without prior approval.



KKETS Training


Are you a graduate from one of the RoFATA Training Programs?
Are you looking for a job placement opportunity?
Are you looking for work experience?
Would you like to further develop your skills in the trades sector?
Are you between the ages of 22 to 30 years of age?

If so, then you may qualify for an apprenticeship opportunity!! Preference will be given to participants who have completed a RoFATA (Ring of Fire Training Alliance) training program and are certified in:

Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Heavy Equipment Operator, Carpentry, Construction Craft Worker, Electrical, Plumbing and Welding.

Applications are now being accepted and there are limited spaces available. Must be a member of the Matawa Communities.
For more information please contact the Career Focus Project Coordinator, Lucie Edwards at 807-768-4470 ext. 4473 or by email


Spring Gathering

spring gathering

Baby Food Making

Baby Food Making on May 19, 2016 with Shannon Tucker at 1:30pm, any Parents interested should call to confirm attendance, so we know how much supplies are needed, Fresh homemade baby start off foods vs store bought shelf foods, more healthy and nutritious for your baby 😆 so come on by parents, more the merrier

Debeers Video – After the Last River

April 15, 2016: In the shadow of a De Beers mine, the remote community of Attawapiskat lurches from crisis to crisis, while facing mounting environmental issues and an inability to directly benefit from resource revenues. Filmed over five years, After the Last River is a point of view documentary that follows Attawapiskat’s journey from obscurity and into the international spotlight during the protests of Idle No More. Filmmaker Victoria Lean connects personal stories from the First Nation to entwined mining industry agendas and government policies, painting a complex portrait of a territory that is an imperilled homeland to some and a profitable new frontier for others.

Watch video here:



Shared Valued Solutions Offering Internship – 8 Months

April 13, 2016 – Shared Value Solutions’ (SVS) is offering an annual 8-month paid internship for a First Nation, Métis, or Inuit graduate of a university, college, or ECO Canada BEAHR program with an environment or social science focus.  Interns will work from SVS’s office in Guelph, Ontario, Canada for 4 months and then return to their home community to work for the remaining 4 months of the paid placement period.  Apply by May 2nd, 2016.

See Job advertisement here.

GFN Timber Claim Trust Announcement

The board of trustees and Chief and Council invite you to attend the Ginoogaming First Nation Timber Claim Trust Annual Meeting.

When: Saturday May 7 @ 10 AM

Where: Ginoogaming Cultural Centre

Lunch will be served following the meeting.  If you have any questions please contact General Manager, Maureen Echum at 807-876-1678



Free Veterinary Dog Clinic Update

April 4 – 2016 DATE: Registration for Free Veterinary Dog Clinic (Sat. May 21- Sun.May 22)

Please continue to call in to register at the GFN band office (876-2242) ask for Peter Rasevych or Kristin Gagnon in the GFN reception.

This all looks great, after only a few days of registration Keep it up! Way to go, dog owners! In talking with people, you can tell that they love and care about their dogs.


GFN – Hardrock Open House



Security Training Starts March 28

Security course starts tomorrow at 9am. For those that registered please attend.

Satellite Technician Training Workshop

March 24, 2016: A comprehensive seven-day workshop that delivers the fundamental skills and techniques to achieve excellence in your employment as a satellite technician.  Click here to see flyer on the workshop: Installation Group – 7 day workshop (2) (1)

Please contact Priscilla Shaganash to apply.


Youth Photo Competition

The deadline has been extended to March 25, 2016…Get your photos in!

Youth Photo Comp



Needak FN General Manager Position

March 22 — Ne-Daa-Kii-Me-Naan Inc. (Nedaak) is a First Nation-owned Forest Management Company that provides forest management services on the Kenogami Forest.  The company is owned and operated by Animbiigoo Zaagi’igan Anishinaabek, Aroland First Nation, Constance Lake First Nation, Ginoogaming First Nation, Long Lake #58 First Nation, Pays Plat First Nation and Red Rock Indian Band.  Nedaak is committed to the sustainable management of the Kenogami Forest with a focus on First Nations training and capacity building that will improve the lives of all Band Members.  See job posting link here: First_Nation_GM_April_2016 (1)


Timber Claim Trust Nominations

Notice – Nominations for the 2016 Ginoogaming First Nation Timber Claim Trust Elections were held on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 and the results are as follows:


Nominee Nominator Seconder Stand/Decline
Maureen Echum Johnathon Echum Noah Echum Stand
Tracy Gagnon Priscilla Fisher Cecil Mendowegan Stand
Rachel Ranville Harley Ranville-Wesley Blaire Ranville Wesley Stand
Martha Taylor Sara Levesque Sapphira Levesque Stand
Maryann Charles Shelby Charles Johnathon Echum Declined
Derek Echum Priscilla Fisher Cecil Mendowegan Stand
Kelly Fortier Candace Wesley Terry Henderson Stand
Ashley LaBelle Christopher Towegishig/Donna Mendowegan Kerrie Mazinakouskang/Roseline Mendowegan Stand
Eliza LaBelle Heather Fisher Mandy LaBelle Stand
Annette Morin (2) Theresa Morin/Sharlene Santos Sharlene Santos/Theresa Morin Stand
Georgette O’Nabigon Michael Charles Brendan Charles Stand
Elaine St. Onge Mandy LaBelle Heather Fisher Stand


Please note that based on this information you are voting for TWO (2) Nominee(s) for the positions of ONE (1) Off-Reserve and ONE (1) On-Reserve Trustee.

**If you would like to vote but are unable to make it to the polls, please call the office and a mail-in ballot package will be delivered to you**

See polling notice here:  Polling Notice-website

 Debbie Charles , General Manager

Geraldton SP-100 Training Opportunity

March 18 – Anyone that is interested in taking the SP100 training please see application below.

Call Priscilla Shaganash for more info.

2016 SP100 Registration



Outland Job Opportunity for Students

Students interested in working at Outland. Please fill out application and fax or email Priscilla Shaganash the application.

Application 2016-1 – Outland

Priscilla will fill out application for funding.

You can also come to her office at the GFN band office.



Income Tax Clinic




GFN Timber Claim Nominations

March 9 – 2016:  A reminder that the  GFN Timber Claim nominations will take place tonight for the purpose of nominating two trustees.  The elections will take place on April 21.  Here is the nomination form and eligibility requirements.

Website Nom-Elec Info Posting

Monster Bingo Tickets for Sale

Ginoogaming First Nation Monster Bingo will take place on Saturday and bingo tickets still available. If you’re interested contact Lisa @ 854-7941



Kindergarten Registration  Tomorrow- Training Centre

February 25, 2016: Mr.Martin and Ms. Mask (Kindergarten Teacher) will be at the Training Center Tomorrow (Friday) from 1-3 for Kindergarten registration. If anyone needs a ride please call the training center.


GFN Timber Claim Update

GFN Timber Claim Trust has a job posting for a general manager. Closing date to apply is February 12.  The anticipated start date is March 21, 2016.

See job posting by clicking link here: Job Posting GM – 2016

GFN Timber Claim nominations will take place on March 9 for the purpose of nominating two trustees.  The elections will take place on April 21.  Here is the nomination form and eligibility requirements.

Website Nom-Elec Info Posting

 Kindergarten Session – Feb 26



Pubic School Session Feb 16

On Feb. 16 at 4:30 pm we would like to invite parents, and students of GCHS to an important interactive meeting at the Ginoogaming Training Centre.  We encourage parents to attend so we can better support our students and have improved outcomes in the public school system.  We have some guest speakers from Superior Greenstone School Board, GCHS teach Andy McFarlane and some of his students from the Native Beliefs Class.  We will provide a pizza dinner for those that come out and have some drumming done by the youth with the community drum.  We hope you can make!

 GFN Dog Clinic coming in May

Feb 14 – I have had Ginoogaming First Nation Chief and Council supply BCR and invitation letter for our community to be visited by eight veterinary staff. The visit would take place on Saturday May 21. They will be providing a FREE neuter/spay clinic to all GFN dogs who require it. They will also be providing FREE de-worming, vaccinations, and flea/ tick treatment to all GFN dogs who require these. The only payment that we as a community would need to provide: accommodations and food for the 8 veterinary staff while they are here. Another service that they would provide is to remove any “stray” dogs (that do not currently have owners, or are needing homes) and they would find homes for them somewhere as an adoption service. I strongly encourage all dog owners to bring their pets in to have the surgical procedure, and everything else needed, completed on that day. Please take advantage of this amazing opportunity that these kind people are providing to us. Stay tuned for a community notice regarding when the clinic would be opening to our community. It will most likely be taking place at the Ginoogaming First Nation Training Centre.  Any further questions if required please contact Peter Rasevych at 807-876-2242.

Dilico – Triple P Course

Thanks to Dilico for presenting the triple p course, the parents who attended, a few were not able to make the last session but will still get their sweaters, GFN education dept for the gift card draws and sweaters, and OLOF for the suppers and allowing me the chance to give a parental initiative for five sessions. Crystal Doug and Lisa were great presenters….cant wait to work on our next project.


Greenstone Gold Opportunities


First Aid Workshop in Geraldton

Standard + CPR-Level C with AED will be held on February 27-28, 2016

Time:           8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Location:         Thunderbird Friendship Centre, Geraldton

Cost:              $140.00 (includes certificate fees)

Greenstone  Campus (500 Second St. W.) call 854-0652


 Grief Workshop Cancellation

Grief Workshop is cancelled due to road conditions. The presenters were coming from Pic River. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Will post another date at a later time miigwetch!

Security Training Course

Ginoogaming will be hosting a Security Training Course
At Ginoogaming Training Centre
March 28, 2016 to April 1, 2016 @9:00am – 4:30pm
Please come by to fill out a form. The interested party please come by the office or phone Priscilla Shaganash.


Grief Workshop on Feb 9-10



GFN Energy East Newsletter

Here’s our Newsletter updating members on the Energy East and Traditional knowledge and Land use study that was conducted in November 2015…..

2016-01-22_Ginoogaming Energy East Newsletter (1)


Lands and Resource Presentation

Presented by Derek Nepinak, Grand Chief of Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and Jim Leornard, Chief of Rainy River First Nation.

There will be an open discussion with Chief and Council and all staff at 1 PM on Feb. 1.  We are inviting community members to come out at 5 pm and we will have feast at 6 pm.


Firearms and Security Training Course

Fire Arms Course:
$100 charge for non status.
The instructor will also be doing renewals and pictures $5
It will be on the weekend.
Date is still to be determine. 

Please come by and fill out an application at the ECC office. For those that are interested in taking the course.

We are aiming for the end of February. Check back on our website for updates. 



Date: Tuesday January 26, 2016
Time: 6:00-8:00 PM
Place: Ginoogaming First Nation Training Centre (
Tea, coffee, water will be provided)

Agenda Items:
1) Opening Prayer, Introductions

2) MNRF – Open Discussion:
– animal harvests (furbearing & food)
– human consumption of wildlife
– wildlife populations / health
– trapline quota systems
– trapline regulations
– trapline cabin regulations
– moose hunting / health issues
– nuisance beaver programs
– GFN conservation authority
– Nedaak: spraying programs
– Nedaak: forest management
– Blueberry harvest
– Caribou “mosaic” & old growth forest
– Marten re-population program
– Aboriginal and Treaty rights & MNRF
– MNRF Spring Bear Hunt
– MNRF Wolf Cull Program
– Mining / drilling programs
– Trans-Canada Pipeline developments

3) Nanagjitoong Nibi: GFN Water Protection Declaration

4) RoF/SPI Presentations (Marianne Echum, Priscilla Fisher)

5) Elections: GFNTA Liaison w/ GFN Chief and Council, President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary

– All discussion items will be recorded for presentation at upcoming GFN Chief and Council / OMNRF meeting on February 2, 2016. It is time to make our voices heard.

KKETS – Con College Exam Prep

In partnership with Kiikenomaga Kikenjigewin Employment and Training Services the Exam Preparation Course will be delivered  to eligible Matawa community members.

Program Info:

Confederation College’s Exam Preparation course provides a customized training for individuals who are seeking employment within the skilled trades. Upon completion, this will give the student the necessary essential skills to successfully complete the entrance examination for various trades.

Admission Requirements:

All potential students must have either a minimum of Grade 12 education, or mature student status (defined as 19 years of age and away from school for at least one year).

All potential students must fill out appropriate application forms prior to training with KKETS Intake and Referral.

Course Information:

This course will run from Monday to Friday for 2 weeks. Students will be provided with all the instructional supplies.

To register for the program, please contact:

Glen Wabasse, Intake and Referral Officer, KKETS

Jolene Neshinapaise, Intake and Referral Officer, KKETS

Phone: (807)768-4470



GFN Suboxone Program Intake

January 20, 2016 – The Community Suboxone Program will be starting Intake #5 on January 28, 2016. If you are interested in making that decision of helping yourself please do not hesitate to contact Kelly at 876 2732.  Miigwetch

Ginoogaming Treatment Team


Parenting Course Tonight – January 19

Ginoogaming First Nation will be hosting a Triple P Parenting Course tonight at 5-7 pm at the training centre.  Supper Included
For those parents who wish to start today and missed last weeks session please come to the Ginoogaming Training Center to get caught up at 430 pm.  We will be having draws again for the parents that attend. If you need transportation please contact 807-876-2242.

 JK – Grade 4 – Cuddle Up and Read Event – Jan. 27

Ginoogaming is having a cuddle up and read for your students at OLOF on Wednesday January 27th evening starting at 5pm.

Supper will be included and your child will be getting a free book to take home. If you need transportation please call and reserve a cab. Hope to see the parents come out as your child will be practicing to read their favorite book to read to you.



Trapping Program Resumes


January 6, 2016 – GFN trapping course will be held on January 8-9-10. The Fridays will be evening sessions, while the Saturdays and Sundays will be all day sessions. Total is 40 hours. Cost of $260 registration per person is covered along with $28 course materials, per person. Upon successful completion of the course, an MNR trapping license will be issued. If you are interested in this training opportunity, then please complete the paperwork that Kristin and Cindy have upstairs in the band office.  if there is more interest we will set up future courses.


DeBeers on GFN Territory (Video)

December 29, 2015 – Visit the GFN Facebook page to see video clips of the area where a DeBeers unauthorized drilling program on Ginoogaming First Nation traditional territory is taking place. (December 16, 2015)

See here



DeBeers News

December 23, 2015 -Mercury contamination from the De Beers diamond mine in northern Ontario may be much higher than the company — or the provincial government — are reporting, according to a new study by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society’s Wildlands League.

De Beers denies the allegations, saying in a statement that its environmental data is often misrepresented by other parties. de-beers-victor-mine

The Wildlands League study, released Monday and titled Nothing to See Here…, is the result of an 18-month investigation done by the environmental group. It calls for independent environmental monitoring of De Beers Victor mine.

The key concern is that the open pit mine, located in a fragile ecosystem in the James Bay Lowlands, is contributing to the creation of methylmercury, a neurotoxin that accumulates in fish and other food sources of the people who live in the area.

For more view here



Chiefs establish Ginoogam Development Corporation


December 20, 2015 – Ginoogaming First Nation (GFN) has been actively involved in forestry business activities for several decades, under the guise of their solely owned company called Giizhagaakwe Development Corporation (GDC). GFN has historically implemented a number of partnership agreements with the Longlac sawmill with a number of its members currently employed at the sawmill. Earlier this year, Aroland, Long Lake #58 and Ginoogaming signed a co-operation agreement to develop a better relationship and move forward with business development related to the Longlac sawmill.

Now the three First Nations are in the process of incorporating a new company named Ginoogam Development Corporation. The long-term desire of the three First Nations is for Ginoogam to have the capacity related to harvesting and delivery of wood to the mills. There is the possibility of number business to business relationships to develop between the various First Nations and mills with interests in the Kenogami Forest.

The First Nations have been working with Matawa Economic Development and NADF to secure funding for a feasibility study which will in turn provide input to their business plan. Business Development Canada (BDC) will be providing technical and financial assistance to the group and will utilize local forestry expertise on an as-needed basis to ensure any business scenario developed and assessed is grounded in local realities.


Band Office Closure for Holidays

December 18, 2015 – please note that all GFN offices will be closed from December 21, 2015 to January 5, 2016.  We will re-open on Tuesday January 5 at 9 AM.

Have a happy and save holidays! Meegwetch from Chief and Council!



Matawa Chiefs Meeting with Ontario


December 17 2015 – Matawa First Nations Chiefs met with Minister of Mines Michael Gravelle and Deputy Minister David De launey to discuss the Ring of Fire and other mining projects within our First Nations traditional territory.

Chief Rick Allen from Constance Lake First Nation and Chief Celia Echum from Ginoogaming First Nation both were vocal and disappointment with the government granting permits to DeBeers when both First Nations don’t have any signed agreement with the company.  Our First Nations have been informing the company that without First Nations consent they cannot access our lands.

KKETS PROGRAM – Kitchen Helper


CONTACT Priscilla Shaganash at 807-876-2242 GFN BAND OFFICE

GFN Christmas Feasts and Celebrations

December 4th – GFN First Nation Chief and Council have announced the dates for the annual Christmas celebrations as follows:

1. December 10, 2015 – Thunder Bay – GFN dinner at the Valhalla Inn @ 5 pm

2. December 13, 2015 – Hornepayne – GFN dinner at the Hornepayne Legion @ 2 pm

3. December 13, 2015 – Annual Elder’s Party at GFN Multi-purpose Training Centre from 1-4 PM

4. December 14, 2015 – Annual Youth Party at GFN Multi-purpose Training Centre @ 5 PM

5. December 15, 2015 – Annual Children’s Celebration at GFN Multi-purpose Training Centre @ 5 PM

For more information please contact Vanessa Legard at 807-876-2732

GFN – Trapping Course starts in December!

GFN trapping course update: the training will be held on the weekends of December 11-12-13 and January 8-9-10. The Fridays will be evening sessions, while the Saturdays and Sundays will be all day sessions. Total is 40 hours. Cost of $260 registration per person is covered along with $28 course materials, per person. Upon successful completion of the course, an MNR trapping license will be issued. If you are interested in this training opportunity, then please complete the paperwork that Kristin and Cindy have upstairs in the band office.



GFN Ontario Works Program Update

December 1, 2015 – message to all Ontario Works recipients. You must attend a meeting December 1, 2015 from 10-11 AM  for a brief presentation on the new programs and services.  Social assistance will be distributed following the presentation.  If you are unable to attend you may pick up your social assistance on December 2 @ 3 pm.  Meegwetch, Ontario Works Staff.


Ginoogaming First Nation Timber Claim Trustee Election


October 2015:  Ginoogaming First Nation recently held an election for trustees and they are as follows:


Current Board of Trustees:
Michael Charles, Chairperson
Martha Taylor, Vice-Chairperson
Mandy Labelle, Trustee
Marianne Echum, Trustee
Shelley Wesley, Trustee
Etienne Esquega, Legal Trustee
Bryan Hart, Professional Trustee
Term Expires:
April 25, 2016
April 25, 2016
April 25, 2017
April 25, 2018
April 25, 2018
April 25, 2017
April 25, 2017


For more information see the Timber Claim Trust section.


Nominations for Ginoogaming Chief and Council 



Ginoogaming Nominations for Chief and Council – June 2015

notice of nom mtg poster_onrez 15



GDC – starts treeplanting program

May 25, 2015: Ginoogaming’s Giizhagaakwe Development Corporation treeplanting contract is started! We are still accepting resumes, we have quite a large crew, but will take on more! Time to hit the block and get planting! Five-week contract, the planters will need to get used to 6:00 am mornings! See you all there!  Contact Peter Rasevych at 807-876-2242 for more info.11330016_768053309981690_1463454440250123750_n

Ginoogaming is recruiting treeplanters

May 15, 2015:  If you are looking to go out on the land and make some money see the flyer below!





Timber Claim Trust AGM – May 9

April 30, 2015:

The Board of Trustees & Chief and Council invite you to attend the Ginoogaming First Nation Timber Claim Trust

WHEN: Saturday, May 9, 2015 @ 10:00 AM
WHERE: Cultural Centre

Lunch will be served following the meeting  We look forward to your participation.
If you require more information, please contact Debbie Charles at: 1-866-882-0305 -or- 807- 876-1678, Meegwetch

trust logo



Ginoogaming Timber Trust News

The Ginoogaming Timber Claim Trust recently held an election for new trustees.  See below for the list of new and returning trustees:

Current Board of Trustees:
Michael Charles, Chairperson
Martha Taylor, Vice-Chairperson
Jerry Echum, Trustee
Victor Chapais, Trustee
Shelley Wesley, Trustee
Etienne Esquega, Legal Trustee
Bryan Hart, Professional Trustee
Term Expires:
April 25, 2016
April 25, 2016
April 25, 2018
April 25, 2017
April 25, 2018
April 25, 2017
April 25, 2017


Current Board of Trustees:
Michael Charles, Chairperson
Martha Taylor, Vice-Chairperson
Jerry Echum, Trustee
Victor Chapais, Trustee
Shelley Wesley, Trustee
Etienne Esquega, Legal Trustee
Bryan Hart, Professional Trustee
Term Expires:
April 25, 2016
April 25, 2016
April 25, 2018
April 25, 2017
April 25, 2018
April 25, 2017
April 25, 2017



Ginoogaming First Nation Winterhawks: A Community Tradition

Posted 23 March 2015



Chief Celia Echum of Ginoogaming First Nation


GINOOGAMING FIRST NATION – Chief Celia Echum of Ginoogaming First Nation stands in the line at the “Tea’N’Bannock” food vendor on the second floor of the Hershey Centre Arena in Mississauga. She has come here for primarily the same reasons as the other grandparents present in the building have: to support their grandchildren’s hockey.

Celia’s grandson Logan, who is playing on the Ginoogaming First Nation Winterhawks Atom (ages 9-10) team, is an energetic player who is having fun in the stands nearby, watching some games with his teammates. It will soon be his turn to play. Another of Celia’s grandchilden, Ashanti Echum, is also here at the tournament playing for the Tykes (ages 4-6) team. It is a busy time for this chief who is driving around from arena to arena in support, and so it is very important for her to be here, as with the other Elders of the community who have likewise made the trip.

Furthermore, as usual, Celia’s other main focus is also on her many community members who have made the trip all the way from their northern Ontario community, located near the Town of Longlac.

Such is the life of a devoted Chief. She wants to ensure that the people who have made the trip have meal money, rooms, travel funds, and anything else that they may require. Most of all, she wants to ensure that the children are having a good time.

Celia is perfectly capable of wearing both hats (grandmother and Chief) simultaneously. She sits in the stands of various arenas and watches all games, and keeps an open eye for all of her members present, and is always open to assisting all.

This commitment to the children’s hockey is just the way things are at Ginoogaming. It is the way they always have been, for decades. Celia’s son Derek is coach of the Atom (ages 9-10) team.


Winners at the Little NHL Tournament


The Ginoogaming First Nation Winterhawks were represented in this year’s Little NHL Tournament by three different teams: Tyke and Atom, as well as Novice, which consists of children ages 7-8.

Derek and his wife Lisa have worked tirelessly over the past several months in preparing for this adventure for the community children’s three teams, which included several players from Long Lake #58 First Nation (a sister community across the lake), as well as pickups from other First Nation communities. Through Ginoogaming’s efforts, many children are given the opportunity to participate in this tournament.


an all-encompassing community affair, with various fundraising efforts involved, from a diverse cast of leaders: Ginoogaming First Nation community members April Dore, Graham Echum, and Whitney Echum have all taken lead roles in ensuring that the young children have this opportunity. It is an amazing effort from such a small community (population 168).

Working Together at the Little NHL Tournament

Other Ginoogaming community members who have spearheaded fundraising drives include Shelley Wesley, Roberta Mendowegan, Cassy Echum, and Marianne Echum. In a true grassroots community effort whereby all community members pull together, they are united in a common goal. They utilize prize bingos, as well as Ginoogaming’s famous, widely-attended “Monster Bingo” which offers thousands and thousands of dollars available in cash prizes to lucky winners.

Rounding out the list of dedicated Ginoogaming volunteers is Vanessa Legarde and Chelsea Echum. The community is relentless in their commitment to the young children: 50/50 draws, basket draws, and anything else they can come up with is employed.

The community also retains much support through application to their own Ginoogaming First Nation Timber Claim Trust Fund. As annual attendance at the Little NHL Tournament has become a March Break tradition over the past decades, Ginoogaming has taken to sending teams each and every year, for the past 30 years, to this tournament. It would be hard to imagine a Little NHL Tournament without Ginoogaming First Nation Winterhawks teams registered and attending, and thanks to the Timber Trust account they are able to easier facilitate this support for the children.

The community also made use of Dreamcatcher Fund applications, for which they are very grateful, and also in-kind funding from the Ginoogaming First Nation band administration.

It is a Concerted Community Effort

Moreover, the efforts stretch beyond mere fundraising: several adults have gone even further, and have attained NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) certification in recent months: Cassy Echum, Leonard Ferris, Marianne Echum, Bridget Echum, Sasha Michano, and Levi Echum all graduated from the course in order to volunteer as coaches for the children.

In her role as Youth Recreation Coordinator, Sasha even was able to have Toronto Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment send “The Right to Play” program coaches to Longlac in order to conduct a four-day hockey school for the children in January.

It would appear that the dedication to the children’s needs is without end in Ginoogaming. The group also attained the necessary “Respect in Sport” certification which is also known as “Speak Out.” Required of all coaches, trainers and managers, the training is focused on ending abuse in sport. Celia’s community leaders have clearly followed her lead in devotion, dedication, and commitment to others.

Where does all of this activity stem from, one may ask?

The answer to that question is very interesting, and carries a bit of history and local lore.

Deep Community Roots in First Nation



The annual Little NHL Tournament actually has very deep roots in Ginoogaming First Nation, with success stories such as Nathan O’Nabigon arising from the homegrown hockey talent pool. O’Nabigon’s hockey career included 29 games with the Plymouth Whalers of the Ontario Hockey League (2000-01), another 115 games with the OHL’s Mississauga Ice Dogs (2001-03), and then another 119 games with the OHL’s Kitchener Rangers (2003-04).

O’Nabigon then spent four years playing for the University of New Brunswick (2004-08) in the AUS (Atlantic University Sport) where he completed his education, in addition to five succeeding years in the Canadian Hockey League with the Rocky Mountain Rage in Colorado (2008-09), the Allen Americans in Texas (2009-10), the Missouri Mavericks in Independence, near Kansas City (2010-12), and the Arizona Sundogs (2011-12). Young hockey players at the Little NHL Tournament fantasize about where such a hockey journey in life such as this can take them, and O’Nabigon has brought it close for Ginoogaming and Longlac-area players especially.

This success of Nathan O’Nabigon is the stuff of dreams that rests on the nightly pillows of these young hockey players: to see a local Ginoogaming First Nation community member, an Anishnawbe person from the Longlac area in northern Ontario, make it to such levels and also complete a post-secondary education in the process.

Another factor making it all the more thrilling: O’Nabigon was also invited to participate in a Toronto Maple Leafs tryout camp in 2003. Dreams of young hockey players indeed: to have that chance and opportunity.

Local Longlac children and youths regularly discuss how O’Nabigon scored the overtime goal that sent his team, the Kitchener Rangers, to the OHL Western Conference Finals in 2003. As a result, at the age of 20 he was able to be an instrumental reason why the Rangers won the Memorial Cup that year. The children and youths duplicate this success in their Little NHL exploits in thrilling overtime situations. Spectators are often kept on the edge of their seats when watching the Little NHL Tournament action.

That OHL goal, however, was only one of two overtime goals that O’Nabigon scored for the Rangers that playoff year, adding to his local legend. In addition to being named the OHL Player of the Week earlier in December 2002, it was another stepping stone on his path to success.

Like many Ginoogaming First Nation children, O’Nabigon (born in 1983) started playing hockey at the age of 4 and attended Little NHL Tournaments with the support of his parents and community. Needless to say, he is a leading role model to all youth in the Town of Longlac and in the surrounding First Nation communities (Ginoogaming and Long Lake #58). He is evidence that they can do it. What better place to showcase this than the Little NHL Tournament in Mississauga?

Thus, when Chief Celia Echum and her community leaders attend the Little NHL Tournaments with children and youth, it is therefore quite clear what is in the back of everyone’s minds: success, but more important than that, fun and memories for the children and the families in a long-running annual community tradition stretching back decades.

The adult community leaders in Ginoogaming will continue to work all year, every year, under the leadership of Chief Echum in order to send the children to this tournament so that their hockey dreams may be pursued. That is commitment to community, youth and children, and the hallmarks of good direction in the true Anishnawbe way of working together with a common goal.

Ginoogaming First Nation Winterhawks (Tyke) Roster

Kane Dion

Adrian Echum

Ashanti Echum

Brody Fox

Jordyn Hill

Landyn Hill

Conner Legarde

Keira Lennox

Trenton McGuire

Tien Sutherland

Marcus Taylor-Dore

Nolan Tucker

Tyke Coaching Staff

Cassandra Echum

Leonard Ferris

Martin Hill


Ginoogaming First Nation Winterhawks (Novice) Roster

Sean Nobis

Tanner Taylor

Rayn Fisher

Kylen Echum

Ashlyn Echum

Sicily Chapais

Gavin Tucker

Naomi Bouchard

Sienna Abraham

Royce Abraham

Tanner Wesley

Chase Bouchard

Jonathan Nash

Gabby Constant

Andre McKay

Novice Coaching Staff

Marianne Echum

Lanny Shebagabow

Earl Wesley Jr


Ginoogaming First Nation Winterhawks (Atom) Roster

Rival Abraham

Drake Bouchard

Jordan Bouchard

Gabriel Deroy

Logan Echum

Brandon Finlayson

Keetan Gagnon

Dustin Garon

Kadin Hemeon

Abigail Johnson

Emery McKay

Jimmy Nadon

Talon Redsky

Jaylon Taylor

Leighton Wesley

Atom Coaching Staff

Derek Echum

Lisa Echum

Victor Chapais



GFN – Timber Claim Trust Update

December 13 – 2014:  Ginoogaming First Nation Timber Claim Trust has released an update to band membership.  The update can be viewed here.



Christmas Celebration Dates

Ginoogaming Chief and Council have announced the Christmas dinner schedule for GFN band members as follows:

1. Thunder Bay Christmas Celebration: Thursday December 11 – 5pm to 9pm at Airlane on 698 West Arthur Street.
2. Hornepayne Christmas Celebration: December 15 – 5pm at the Hornepayne Legion (Flyer)
3. Ginoogaming Children Christmas Celebration: December 16 – 5pm to 9pm at the Multi-purpose Training Center
4. Ginoogaming Youth Christmas Celebration: December 17 – 5pm to 9 pm at the Multi-purpose Training Center
5. Ginoogaming Elder Christmas Celebration: December 18 – 1pm to 4 pm at the Multi-purpose Training Center
6. Ginoogaming Staff Christmas Celebration: December 19 – 1pm to 4 pm at the Multi-purpose Training Center

See flyer here

Matawa Ec Dev Committee


November 25-27: The Matawa Economic Development Committee meets in Thunder Bay to discuss community development initiatives with Jason Rasevych, Matawa Economic Development Advisor.The group is working together to build capacity while providing strategic advice to the Matawa Chiefs Council in several areas including mining, tourism, forestry and energy

Mineral Tech Meeting with Community Reps


October 21-23, 2014: the Matawa Mineral Technical Committee met at the Matawa building, along with Matawa staff and Lead Negotiator, Bob Rae. Conrad Chapais, EDO for Ginoogaming is apart of the mineral technical committee and Priscilla Fisher is appointed the community representative for the Framework discussions.

Ginoogaming Health and Wellness Fair

November 2014


Job Opportunities


September 26: Ginoogaming First Nation (GFN) would like the opportunity to participate in a community driven regional process of negotiations and to foster a positive long term government-to-government relationship to create benefits and opportunities to improve the economic prosperity and quality of life for Matawa First Nations. While taking a culturally sensitive, meaningful and environmentally responsible approach to mineral development in the area known as the Ring of Fire (the “Regional Process”).
In order to be involved in the “Regional Process” Ginoogaming First Nation recognizes that community members must be informed and are provided the opportunity to comment on the process. As such, Ginoogaming First Nation wants to ensure there is ample opportunity for community member involvement through a series of community engagement activities.

Ginoogaming First Nations has the following positions available:

1. Regional Community Coordinator

2. Project Development Coordinator

3. Project Development Assistant

Please click on the link above for more information or contact Conrad Chapais at 807-876-2242.  Deadline to apply is October 10, 2014.

Community Meeting – August 7, 2014


Chiefs meet in Neskantaga


June 25, 2014: Matawa Chiefs met in Neskantaga First Nation on Wednesday June 25th and Thursday June 26th to discuss the Regional Strategy. The Chiefs in attendance of this meeting also sent their congratulations to the Tsilhqot’in Nation for their victory in confirming Aboriginal Title to their lands, and the right to prior consent to development.

Kenogami Forest: Ready Willing Able


MAY 25, 2014: The Matawa First Nations communities of Aroland, Constance Lake, Ginoogaming and Long Lake #58 are working on a project called ‘Ready, Willing and Able’ to realize the current opportunities that are discussed with three other Robinson Superior First Nations, three industry and three municipal partners as the enhanced Sustainable Forestry License (eSFL) for the Kenogami Forest is being finalized. This will result in Ontario’s first eSFL under Ontario’s tenure modernization process and is set to provide a number of economic development and management opportunities to the seven First Nations communities and involved municipalities. Both the Kenogami Forest First Nations and AV Terrace Bay have committed to collaborate on the development of the Ready, Willing and Able plan and related policies as a means of providing the certainty associated with the distribution of benefits and wood flows from the Kenogami Forest. The plan will provide the framework within which all parties can succeed. These circumstances provide the conditions for the substantial development of mutually-beneficial partnerships, new businesses, and other opportunities not just for the Kenogami Forest First Nations but for the whole region. However, the First Nations need to be well supported during this transition if they are to secure and realize the full scope of forest sector business and management opportunities available on the Kenogami Forest. The First Nations steering committee on the project has been working with the National Aboriginal Forestry Association (NAFA) to complete the groundwork necessary to develop opportunities and result in a clear and concise five-year capacity plan.

Chiefs meet to discuss next steps

MAY 11, 2014: The nine Matawa Chiefs met in Vaughan, ON May 6-7-8 2014 to discuss the next steps in the Regional Strategy Process.


Matawa Chiefs Sign Ring of Fire Framework


March 26, 2014 – The Province of Ontario and Matawa-member First Nations are taking another step forward by reaching a landmark agreement that will ensure First Nation communities benefit from the proposed Ring of Fire development. The regional framework agreement is a first step in a historic, community-based negotiation process, which began in July 2013 at the request of Matawa-member First Nations. The nine Matawa-member First Nations and the Province of Ontario signed a framework agreement today to move forward with a negotiation process on a community-based regional approach to development in the Ring of Fire. The agreement ensures First Nations and Ontario can work together to advance Ring of Fire opportunities, including regional long-term environmental monitoring and enhanced participation in environmental assessment processes, resource revenue sharing, economic supports, regional and community infrastructure. Michael Gravelle, Minister of Northern Development and Mines, signed the Regional Framework on behalf of Ontario. The chiefs signed on behalf of their communities, which included:
Chief Sonny Gagnon, Aroland First Nations Chief Fred Sackaney, Constance Lake First Nation Chief Elizabeth Atlookan, Eabametoong First Nation Chief Celia Echum, Ginoogaming First Nation Chief Elijah Moonias, Marten Falls First Nation Acting Chief, Roy Moonias, Neskantaga First Nation Chief Johnny Yellowhead, Nibinamik First Nation Chief Allen Towegishig, Long Lake #58 First Nation Chief Cornelius Wabasse, Webequie First Nation

Timber Claim Trust Trust Elections and AGM

March 18, 2014:  Ginoogaming First Nation Timber Claim Trust will be holding a General Band Meeting for the purpose of nominating and electing ONE Trustee. See notice here.

Where: Ginoogaming Health Centre (Boardroom)
When: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 @ 6:00 p.m. To be eligible for a Trustee the candidate:
1. Must be a Ginoogaming First Nation member;
2. Must be Twenty-five years or older;
3. Must be a resident on Ginoogaming First Nation
4. cannot be an undischarged bankrupt; and
5. cannot be charged with an indictable offence, or fraud or any offence that may affect his/her responsibilities as a Trustee

Ginoogaming members who are eighteen (18) or older on date of meeting are eligible to nominate or vote.  Nominations will be open from 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm
Voting will close at 9:00 pm

The Timber Claim Trust has also set a date for their annual community meeting.  This year it will be held on May 10, 2014 at 10:00AM at the Cultural Centre.  See community invitation here.

For more information, please contact:
Debbie Charles at (807) 876-1678

Premier Gold: Open House – March 25


You are invited to attend an open house on March 25 with two information session on Premier Gold – Hard Rock Project at 3:00pm with supper at 5:30pm and another session at 6:30pm. See POSTER here.

Please see info below:

1. Ginoogaming First Nation Consultation and Accommodation Protocol

2. Premier Gold Community Presentation

3. Premier Gold – Preliminary Economic Assessment

If you have any questions about the Open House – please contact Conrad Chapais at 807-876-2242

Ginoogaming Community Meetings

Ginoogaming will be holding community sessions on February 24 relating to a community driven process for: business development, community needs assessment and social impact assessment.  See dates below andflyer here.

All Day Event on Monday February 24th, 2014

Session One:

10:00am-10:20am Opening Presentation

10:20am-12:00pm Break Out Sessions

12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch, Everyone Welcome

Session Two:

1:00pm-1:20pm Opening Presentation

1:20pm-3:00pm Break Out Sessions

5:00pm-6:00pm Community Supper, Everyone Welcome

Session Three:

5:00pm-6:00pm Opening Presentation

6:00pm-8:30pm Break Out Sessions

Choose a session that fits your schedule, or come to all three to share your ideas.

We need your input! GFN Community Survey


February 11, 2014: Ginoogaming First Nation is working with Matawa – Four Rivers Environmental Services on a community survey to identify areas of need for our First Nation.  Your input is valueable to the First Nation moving forward and supporting your needs in lands management and economic development.

Please take 5 minutes to complete the online survey: Click here to take survey

If you have any questions please contact – Conrad Chapais at 807-876-2242 or e-mail

Ginoogaming works on RoFATA Training


“I Just Want to Get Working” – RoFATA Student 

February 2, 2014 – “I just want to get working!” Students in Ginoogaming First Nation are working on the Ring of Fire Aboriginal Training Alliance (RoFATA) program to gain the skills needed to work in the mining industry. Getting a job is the goal for students in the class at the Ginoogaming Training Facility in the First Nation community. The program in Ginoogaming First Nation has students from a wide range of ages, from youth to adults. The students are working in the classroom to complete the first step of the RoFATA training. Gathering the skills needed to make a new career in mining is the goal for Matawa First Nations. The programs are designed for students to get the skills they need, and move forward. The RoFATA program is being operated by Matawa First Nations through its own training delivery organization, known as Kiikenomaga Kikenjigewen Employment & Training Services.

The program in both Long Lake #58 and Ginoogaming First Nation have started. Aroland First Nation’s program is scheduled to commence on Wednesday February 5. There is also a Mining Readiness Program that has been operating in Nibinamik First Nation since January 20…we would not want to ruffle feathers by excluding them J. Finally, there will be a MR program operating in Neskantaga First Nation as well, in the coming weeks. Ginoogaming First Nation (formerly the Long Lake 77 First Nation) is a small Anishnawbe (Ojibway) First Nation located in Northern Ontario, located approximately 40 km east of Geraldton, Ontario, Canada, on the northern shore of Long Lake, immediately south of Long Lake 58 First Nation and the community of Longlac, Ontario. There are about 160 residents living on the First Nation.

The level of enthusiasm in the classroom is very positive. Students are taking the opportunity very seriously, and looking at the opportunity with an engaging attitude. “The Mining Readiness Program is offered via the RoFATA initiative which consists of a partnership between Confederation College, Noront Resources Inc., and KKETS (Matawa First Nations), and is funded through Employment & Social Development Canada.”

GFN Delegates attend Ring of Fire Strategy Meeting


January 12, 2014: Energy East Pipeline Ltd. is proposing to convert and operate the Energy East Project, an oil pipeline running from Alberta to New Brunswick to transport crude oil. Energy East Pipeline is talking with the Ginoogaming First Nation to identify the potential impacts of the Project on the Ginoogaming First Nation’s exercise of its Treaty rights.

Ginoogaming wishes to identify and consider strategies or measures to avoid, mitigate and manage any such impacts on the exercise by Gingoogaming First Nation of its Aboriginal rights and title and/or Treaty rights.  Community meetings will be held in the next few months to inform the First Nation about the development.

Ginoogaming Seeks Funding for Economic Plan


December 15, 2014: Ginoogaming First Nation Chief and Council are being challenged to maximize economic opportunities within its traditional territory and with specific focus to developments in the Ring of Fire, Premier Gold Mine Hardrock Project, Kenogami Forest and the East Energy Pipeline Project.

The First Nation has been working with Matawa Economic Development on a proposal to acquire funding for a Community Strategic Plan.  The plan is required to provide direction for Chief and Council for the next decade.  Good news is the proposal has passed the first level and is moving on the second phase for approval.  Updates will be provided as they become available.

GFN Timber Trust – Update

November 1, 2013: The Ginoogaming First Nation Timber Claim Trust has released another update to First Nation community members. In this newsletter you will find program reports, an investment update, distribution of funds information and more.

To read the GFN Timber Claim Trust October 2013 newsletter click here.

If you have any questions please contact Debbie Charles, General Manager Ginoogaming First Nation Timber Claim Trust at 807-876-1678 / Fax-807-876-2982 / Cell-807-854-8536 / TF-1-866-882-0305. Or e-mail

GFN Trust – Education Application

October 18, 2013: The Ginoogaming First Nation Timber Claim Trust was established in April of 2002, following negotiations and an agreement between Ginoogaming First Nation and the Government of Canada for compensation resulting from illegal taking of timber on Long Lake Reserve #77.

The Ginoogaming First Nations Timber Claim Trust wishes to provide band members with the following application for the Education Program.  Please click here to view the Program Guidelines and Application.

If you have any questions please contact Debbie Charles, General Manager Ginoogaming First Nation Timber Claim Trust at 807-876-1678 / Fax-807-876-2982 / Cell-807-854-8536 / TF-1-866-882-0305. Or e-mail

trust logo

Chief Echum Re-Elected


August 22, 2013: Elections for the Chief and Council of Ginoogaming First Nation were held on Wednesday the 21st day of August 2013. Celia Echum was re-elected for her 4th straight 2-year term by defeating challenger Joanne Towegishig by a landslide vote of 194 to 60. The six Councillors are: Gabriel Echum, Sheri Taylor, Maurice Waboose, David Charles, Kelly Fortier and April Dore. Before becoming Chief, Celia has worked in a variety of disciplines as a certified health representative, band manager, and councillor. She now embraces the role of political leader.

Ginoogaming has several community economic and social development projects on the go. For the next term Chief Echum is looking to plan for the future to address new infrastructure needs and housing to accommodate young families in the community and single parents living in overcrowded conditions.

Ginoogaming has been investing in what Chief Echum calls their most important asset, their people. The community has focused on skills development and training with the opening of a Multi-Purpose Centre with employment programs leading to jobs for several band members. Part of the project sees community members building houses on the reserve which will eventually lead up to other employment opportunities in mining and forestry.

There are currently 56 homes occupied with an additional 12 units under construction. The training and construction of the houses is provided by Errington Lumber of the town of Geraldton. “I am very proud of the capacity that we are building at the community level with trades skills, environmental monitoring, economic development, band management and training delivery. I am thrilled to see our own peoples gaining experience so we don’t have to rely too much on others from outside our community” Chief Echum stated.

The community is also focusing on the construction of a business centre to accommodate entrepreneurs and band members, improving the Anishinabek Police Service office and exploring opportunities in mining with Premier Gold and forestry initiatives including expanding wood harvesting operations and a sawmill partnership.

In October of 2012, Ginoogaming First Nation signed an agreement with AV Birla Terrace Bay to sell pulpwood to their mill from areas that are the band’s traditional territory on the Kenogami Forest. The community has also undertaken a Cultural impact Assessment that helps community members understand the impacts arising from Premier Gold’s Advanced Exploration activities, and to ensure that Ginoogaming First Nation has made an informed decision and was able to weigh all the risks.

Chief Echum is also involved in local and regional negotiations as part of the Matawa Chiefs Council between the Matawa First Nations and the Province of Ontario over the Ring of Fire mining development. She has also initiated talks with the TransCanada Corporation about the East-West Pipeline project.

“Our elders have frequently reminded us that protection of environment is most important when it comes to major resource development projects and that our constitutional Aboriginal and Treaty rights remain guarded,” stated Chief Echum. “Nothing happens on our lands without our free, prior, informed consent and we need to ensure our consultation and accommodation protocols are fully respected by Industry and Government.”

Ginoogaming releases Pow Wow Newsletter

Chief and Council have released their annual Pow Wow newsletter which provides the community members with an update on some of the current projects in housing, economic development, employment and training and community building.  To view an online version click here.

Chief and Council Nominations

July 11, 2013: Nominations for the Chief and Council of Ginoogaming was held at the Band Office on Wednesday, the 10th day of July 2013.  Please find attached nominations list here.

There are six (6) Councillor positions and one (1) position for Chief available. The Election will be held at the Band Office on Wednesday the 21st day of August 2013.

Good luck to all candidates!

GFN Annual Career and Job Fair on July 4


Ginoogaming is planning to host an Annual Career and Job Fair on

Date: July 4

Time: 10 AM to 4 PM

Place: GFN Training Center (Former High School)

For more info call Maureen Echum, Employment Community Counselor at 807-876-2242.

See poster here


Trust Election Results / Meeting Postponed

May 1, 2013: Ginoogaming First Nation Timber Claim Trust Elections were held on Monday, April 22, 2013 for the purpose of electing one (1) off-Reserve Trustee. Voting started at 6:00 p.m. and closed at 9:00 p.m.
41 Ginoogaming members either mailed in their ballot or came out and voted.  There were five (5) spoiled ballots.  The election results are as follows:
Michael Charles – 28 Votes
Betsy Ledger – 3 Votes
Annette Morin – 5 Votes
Congratulations to Michael Charles who will continue to represent the Timber Claim as an Off-Reserve Trustee for a three year term to April 2016.
The Ginoogaming First Nation Timber Claim Trust meeting which was originally scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 4, 2013 is postponed until further notice.

Ginoogaming Delegats Travel to Matawa Gathering


Gathering of Matawa First Nations Communities

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO: March 19-21, 2013 – All ninen of the Matawa First Nations met and discussed a regional strategy for mining at the Valhalla Inn in Thunder Bay.  Ginoogaming First Nations attended with a delegations of elders, youth, women, Band office staff and Chief and Council.

The Minister of Northern Development and Mines  and some Industry Partners were also in attendance.



WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 20, 2013 – 6 of the Matawa First Nation Chiefs met with Minister Tony Clement and Greg Rickford, Parliamentary Secretary for FedNor and AANDC to have an open discussion in regards to mining issues and First Nations.

Chief Peter Moonias, Neskantaga First Nation interview. click here.

Ginoogaming Timber Claim Trust Nominations

Trustee Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for a Trustee the candidate:
1. must be a Ginoogaming First Nation member;
2. must be Twenty-five years or older;
3. one Candidate must be a resident on Ginoogaming First Nation
4. one can reside off-reserve
5. cannot be an undischarged bankrupt
6. cannot be charged with an indictable offence, or fraud or any offence that may affect his/her responsibilities as a trusteeFEBRUARY 2013:  Elections will be taking place for the purpose of nominating two (2) Trustees for the Ginoogaming First Nation Timber ClaimTrust. Of the two, one Trustee can reside off-reserve.

The schedule is as follows:
Place: GFN Health Centre Boardroom

Nominations: Thurs. March 28, 6:00 – 9:00 PM

Elections: Mon. April 22, 6:00 – 9:00 PM

“Mail In Nomination Form” (s) will be sent out from the 18th to the 22nd of February, 2013, to members residing off-reserve, and must be returned to this office by March 28, 2013 to be included in the Nomination process.

As we are not obligated to actively search addresses; to confirm that you are on the mailing list please contact the Timber Claim office.

“Ballots” will be sent out immediately following the Nominations so that you may cast your vote for the Trustee(s) of your choice. Returned Ballots should be received in this office no later than April 22, 2013, appropriately filled in, to be included in the Election process.

Ginoogaming members who are eighteen (18) years of age or older on date of meetings are eligible to nominate or vote. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Timber Claim Office at -1-866-882-0305.
Debbie Charles, General Manager.

Ginoogaming starts Giizhagaakwe (Cutting Wood)


JANUARY 2013: Giizhagaakwe Development Corporation has agreed to obtain a Forest Resource License to harvest 8 foot conifer pulpwood from the Kenogami Forest. GDC plans to sell the timber to the Terrace Bay pulp mill that restarted its operations in October 2012.

With the Forest Resource License it provides Ginoogaming with an opportunity to start up a business in the woodland operations and invest in equipment and training for our people. For more information on Giizhagaakwe Development corporation please contact Ginoogaming’s Economic Development staff at 807-876-2242.


Ginoogaming Christmas Updates 2012


December 19, 2012: Ginoogaming First Nation Chief and Council and Staff have released a Christmas update on some of the programs and services being offered to community members.  For anyone who did not get a copy or who was not able to attend the information booklets are available for download on the website here:
If you have any follow up questions from the reports pleace contact the program managers at the Band Office, Health Centre, Headstart, Multi-purpose Centre or Timber Claim Trust office.
Chief, Council and Staff would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Ginoogaming Opens Multi-Purpose Centre

December 4, 2012:  Attention all GFN members please be advised that the former High School is now being used as a Multi Purpose Centre located at 100 Balsam Street. The centre has offices to serve GFN peoples and has Ontario Works, a Cultural department and Employment Training department.
You can contact the staff by e-mail or calling 807-876-1660 or 807-876-1649.
Staff include:
Ontario Works Administrator- Elizabeth Ferris:
Ontario Works Case Worker – Simone Echum
Ontario Works Employment case worker – Diane Gustafson
Cultural Coordinator – Victor Chapais
Employment Community Coordinator – Maureen Echum
The fax number at the their office is 807-876-9938.

Greenstone emerging as Gateway to the Ring of Fire


“More and more it is becoming clear that the Municipality of Greenstone is emerging as the gateway to the Ring of Fire.” These words were used by Greenstone Mayor, Renald Beaulieu, while briefing Councillors on recent developments concerning the Municipality.The first development is the Noront Resources (NR) announcement that their “base case” is predicated on transporting Ring of Fire ore using the proposed North-South Corridor (with a southern terminus in Greenstone’s Nakina ward. The second is that the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) is now considering an East of Lake Nipigon transmission corridor.

Cultural Impact Assessment Newsletter Released

OCTOBER 5, 2012: Ginoogaming First Nation has released their first edition of the CIA (Cultural Impact Assessment Newsletter).  The newsletter is especially made for all GFN band members and provides readers with information and an update on the project activities from May to August 2012.
Stories include:
  • Ginoogaming commences Cultural Impact Assessment to measure impacts
  • What is the CIA (Cultural Impact Assessment)???
  • CIA site visits: from Ginoogaming to Hardrock
  • CIA Steering Committee meetings: who and what are they?
  • CIA (Cultural Impact Assessment) objectives: what are they?
  • GFN Elders speak out at focus group
  • Elders Teaching Corner – Did you know? First Nations in Ontario and the duty to consult
To read a full version of the newsletter click here
For more information on the CIA project visit here or contact staff on the right hand side.

Matawa Chiefs Meet with Chilean Indigenous Group


A delegation of Government officials and Indigenous Peoples from Chile met with Matawa First Nations Chiefs to exchange information and discuss issues surrounding sustainable mining in Aboriginal territories.
Read more here.

Attention Community Members – Employment & Training Meetings

The Chief and Council will be holding a community meeting about Employment and Training opportunities for our people. We are asking for you attendance at this meeting, you will be asked to update your resumes, education and certificates.
Date: September 12, 2012
Time: 1:30 PM
Place: Ginoogaming Community Hall
Door prizes and refreshments will be served.
Aboriginal Skills Advancement Pilot Project (ASAPP) Meeting
Date: September 13, 2012
Time: 10:30 AM (Lunch provided at noon)
Place: Ginoogaming High School
There will be 3 door prizes for $50 each.
Come learn about Kiikenomaga Kikenjigeqen Employment and Training Services new training initiative for individuals living in Matawa communities.  The program will provide 100 learners from the Matawa First Nations with access to skills and academic upgrading required to meet industry standards and employment opportunities in the Ring of Fire.
For more info see here or contact Maureen Echum, ECC.

Ginoogaming Delegates attend Matawa AGM in Webeque

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO, CANADA – AUGUST 6, 2012: Last week several representatives from Ginoogaming First Nation attended the 24th Annual General Meeting in Webequie First Nation.  The delegates included Chief Celia Echum, Councillor Maurice Waboose, Cecile Mendowegan, and Kristin Gagnon.
A wide range of topics were discussed including the Ring of Fire, Education and Training, Social and Health and Communications.  Program managers from Matawa provided program updates and the Chiefs Councils passed more than 20 resolutions to move several major inititatives ahead.  For more highlights see Annual Report and Chiefs Council Report below:

Ginoogaming Joins Others to Evict Mining Companies


THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO, CANADA – JUNE 22, 2012: Six Northern Ontario First Nations who will be impacted by the proposed mines and infrastructure development in the Ring of Fire are in the final stages of issuing a 30-day eviction notice to all mining companies with exploration and development camps in the region. The forthcoming eviction notice for a moratorium on all Ring of Fire mining activity will come from the First Nation communities of Aroland, Constance Lake, Ginoogaming, Longlake #58, Neskantaga, and Nibinamik. Other First Nations in the area will also have the opportunity to sign on before it is distributed.
See our new Ring of Fire section for more background information.

Ginoogaming Timber Claim Trust (Summer – Newsletter)

The Ginoogaming Timber Claim Trust administers a variety of programs which have been implemented since 2002. The main programs that are administered through the Trust Office are proposals, education and recreation as well as their funeral program. The Ginoogaming First Nation Chief and Council are responsible for administering the Housing and Health Program with funds provided by the Trust.
The Trust recently released their June 2012 newsletter which can be viewed here.
The newsletter features updates on disbusements, investments as well as community highlights.  Congratulations to all the graduates for their hardwork in school.
If you have any questions please contact Debbie Charles  at  807-876-1678, Toll Free: 1-866-882-0305  or email: .
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